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The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters

Priya Parker

"The Art of Gathering" is like a master class in orchestrating memorable and meaningful events, delivered with warmth and friendliness. Researching gatherings for years, Priya teaches us how to create genuine connections and foster enriching conversations in any gathering, whether it's a small team meeting, personal gathering, or a large conference. Brimming with valuable tips and professional advice, "The Art of Gathering" empowers us to turn every event into an opportunity for growth, collaboration, and lasting memories.

Some of the powerful concepts from the book are:

- Establish a clear purpose and desired outcome for each gathering
- Incorporate meaningful rituals or traditions that reinforce the intended purpose and create a sense of community and belonging
- Use your power as a host/facilitator in service of others. If you relinquish it, someone will hijack it unconsciously


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