About Me

Trusted Intercultural Adviser | Confidence Builder | Change Agent


Cultural diversity is in my genes. 

Moving among different Asian countries on average every four years until adulthood, I grew up appreciating the energy and creativity that come from cultural differences. For the record, I have lived and worked in more than eight countries.


Living through constant unfamiliarity challenged me to develop creative thinking, resilience, and the courage to be different.


For fifteen years, I serve global leaders to identify their unique personalities, strengths, and experiences to create greater leadership impact. These leaders are change agents regardless of their external limitations. They are determined to bring authenticity, equity, and goodness to whatever context they are in by being who they are.

Together, we co-create new possibilities. 

I believe you can make a difference. I have encountered hundreds of stories where profound impact did not come from those with wealth or power but from those who lived out courage, resilience, and determination. 

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