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Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding from Anywhere

Tsedal Neeley

Remote work is here to stay--not that the COVID pandemic will never end, but that many find remote work a better option for their lives.

That's why Neeley's book is helpful.

The book explores the benefits and challenges of remote work, and provides tips and strategies for making it a success. Neeley talks about how to create a productive home office environment, how to communicate effectively with remote team members, and how to manage time and stay organized when working from home. It also addresses the cultural and societal changes that come with remote work, and how companies can adapt to this new way of working.

Key takeaways include: Creating an effective home office is crucial for remote work, with dedicated space, good lighting, and comfortable seating. Clear communication guidelines and protocols are vital. Managing time and staying organized requires setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and using calendars and task lists. Managers must understand how to lead remote teams, fostering community and connectedness. Remote work offers benefits like flexibility and work-life balance, but challenges like isolation and work-personal boundaries exist.


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