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Our Focus

We specialize in helping clients to: 



Seeking a smooth transition during a promotion or career change without the added stress or pressure to over-achieve? We have assisted numerous clients in flourishing through international transfers, career advancements, and professional shifts.

Work with us to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety using applied neuroscience

  • Step into your new role with confidence 

  • Enhance your adaptability and resilience during change

"Karen has been a valued guide into the world of Silicon Valley transitioning from my years in academia. She has helped me define my goals, analyze my processes, and understand how to adjust for life at a startup."

Mike | Head of Engineer

Looking to enhance your capacity for influence and executing projects and concepts? Cultural proficiency is the key to successful collaboration in today's culturally diverse workforce. Culture encompasses more than just race and gender. Let us help you gain insights into the complex personal, team, and organizational cultural dynamics.

Work with us to: ​

  • Communicate effectively, avoiding biases and preconceptions

  • Excel as a minority in diverse cultural environments

  • Succeed in cross-cultural living and international assignments



"Karen has shown me how to see myself in a different light as an Asian American in a new culture and in a new role."

Laura | Asian Expat in the Middle East



Experiencing feelings of inadequacy or lack of confidence? We have empowered numerous leaders to lead with authenticity and confidence by identifying their unique strengths and distinctive leadership approaches. Enhance your influence with innovative leadership strategies and frameworks.


Work with us to:

  • Lead authentically, utilizing your unique skills and qualities

  • Boost confidence in your leadership abilities

  • Communicate effectively both upwards and laterally

"Karen gives me tools to tackle my challenges under the high stress of work responsibilities. She empowers me to become more confident as I transition into my executive leadership role."

Michelle | Chief Operating Officer

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