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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Patrick M. Lencioni

At a glance:

One of the best sellers in the management category, the book describes the five dysfunctions that prevent teams from achieving their goals:
- absence of trust
- fear of conflict
- lack of commitment
- avoidance of accountability
- inattention to results

Key takeaways:

- Trust is the foundation upon which all other team dynamics are built, and that without trust, teams will struggle to achieve their goals.

- Teams that avoid conflicts will struggle to make decisions and achieve commitment.

- Without commitment, teams will lack the energy and drive needed to achieve their goals.

- Teams that avoid holding members accountable will struggle to achieve results.

- Teams that are not focused on achieving results will struggle to achieve their goals.

- Leaders are crucial in creating an environment where trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability, and results can flourish.

- Teams that have a clear and shared vision of what they want to achieve will be better able to overcome the dysfunctions and achieve their goals.


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