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Remote Not Distant: Design a Company Culture That Will Help You Thrive in a Hybrid Workplace

Gustavo Razzetti

At a glance:

How do you create a culture that supports both remote and in-office employees? Trust and connection are keys. In this book, you will learn how to build these two crucial elements among remote team members. You will also learn how to communicate effectively in a remote environment, and fostering a sense of belonging and community. The book also covers how to design and implement hybrid work policies and how to measure and improve the effectiveness of these policies.

Key takeaways:

- Regular communication and virtual team-building activities can help build trust and connect for hybrid teams.

- Effective communication is essential in a remote work environment. This includes setting clear expectations and guidelines, as well as using the right tools and technologies to facilitate communication.

- Fostering a sense of belonging and community among remote employees is important for their engagement and motivation. This can be done through virtual events, social activities, and other initiatives that bring remote employees together.

- A hybrid work policy should be designed and implemented in a way that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of different employees and teams.

- It's important to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of hybrid work policies, and to make adjustments as needed.

- Leaders need to model the behavior they expect from their teams, and create an environment that supports working remotely

- To maintain a healthy work-life balance, remote workers need to be able to disconnect from work, which requires a culture of trust and transparency.

- A hybrid work environment can open up new opportunities for career development, as well as diversity and inclusion.

- Be adaptable and open to change, as the hybrid work environment is constantly evolving.


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