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The Culture Map

Erin Meyer

At a glance:

Erin Meyer, a professor at INSEAD, draws on her extensive research and experience to identify the key dimensions of cultural difference and explain how they can impact communication, negotiation, and decision-making in international contexts. The book is well-researched, easy to understand, and offers actionable advice for anyone working in a globalized business environment. It is a valuable resource for managers, executives, and business students.

Key takeaways:

Some key takeaways include:

- Understanding the different ways in which cultures communicate, make decisions, and approach hierarchy can help to navigate cross-cultural interactions more effectively.

- The book identifies eight key dimensions of cultural difference, including communication, evaluation, trust, power distance, decision-making, time, and relationship.

- It's crucial to be aware of one's own cultural biases and assumptions when working in a globalized business environment.

- Be aware of the different communication styles of different cultures and adapting one's own communication style accordingly.

- Cultural differences can impact negotiation, decision-making and team management. The book provides strategies to overcome them.

- The best way to succeed in global business is to develop cultural intelligence or the ability to understand, appreciate and adapt to cultural differences.



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