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Driven by Difference: How Great Companies Fuel Innovation Through Diversity

David Livermore

At a glance:

Diversity and inclusion are not only morally and socially important, but they are also essential for driving innovation and improving business performance. David provides numerous case studies to illustrate why such finding is powerful.

Key takeaways:

Diversity drives innovation - the book presents research and case studies to demonstrate how companies that are more diverse tend to be more innovative. Diverse teams bring different perspectives, experiences, and skills to the table which leads to better problem-solving and more creative solutions.

Inclusion is critical - the book emphasizes that diversity alone is not enough to drive innovation. In order for diversity to be effective, it must be coupled with an inclusive culture that encourages and values different perspectives.

Cultural intelligence is important - the book highlights the importance of cultural intelligence, or the ability to understand and navigate cultural differences, in order to effectively leverage diversity.

Leaders need to take ownership - the book argues that leaders at all levels must take ownership of diversity and inclusion efforts and actively work to create a culture that values and encourages diversity.

There are practical strategies and tools - the book provides practical strategies and tools that organizations can use to create a culture of diversity and inclusion and drive innovation.

It's not just about "checking the boxes" - the book makes the case that diversity and inclusion are not just about meeting quotas or ticking off certain demographic boxes, but rather about creating a culture that truly values and leverages diversity for the benefit of the organization.



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